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Server Rules

Mensaje por NewEra el Vie Mayo 26, 2017 6:51 pm


1. The use of external programs such as "addOns" or "cheats" is totally prohibited.
2. Creating names similar to those of the Administrators will be deleted directly and penalized to those responsible.
3. Creating derogatory names to the Server or to the Administration will be erased and penalized to those responsible.
4. The chat trade "!@" Is totally free without excess of continuous fouls of respect, consecutive misuse of chat to offend a user will be penalized with chatban.
5. Taking advantage of an error or a bug will be penalized. Report errors and bugs in the appropriate forum section, and you will get a reward for the report and not take advantage of the error.
6. You can not advertise to any other type of server.
7. You can not change accounts without the presence of any Administrator. If you do it is under your responsibility and the Administration will not be responsible in case of theft.
8. Don't give your username or password to anyone, otherwise you will lose support in stealing.
9. The Administration will never ask for your data, if someone pretends to be an Administrator, "ScreenShot" and notify an Administrator of the attempted theft.

10. (!) Ignorance of the rules doesn't exempt them from compliance.

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