Event for New Players

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Event for New Players

Mensaje por NewEra el Vie Jun 30, 2017 3:59 pm

- Rise event.
The event consists of the two people who are the highest level between 01-07-2017 and 10-07-2017 will be given a series of important prizes.

The Top 1 will be delivered:

- CasaVip 10 Days.
- Equipment of your level and Fp if required to wear it.
- The spells will be raised to 3 all or up to the maximum level of their allowed level.
- 3 level 4 crystals and 3 level 5 crystals.
- 1 level 6 crystal.
- Weapon with luck 7 of your level.
- Experience Vip 2 Day.

The Top 2 will be delivered:

- CasaVip 5 Days.
- Equipment of your level.
- You will raise the spells up to level 3.
- 1 Crystal of the 4 and one of the 5.
- Experience Vip 1 day.

To participate you will need to register in the forum and upload a photo of your newly created player the day from 01-07-2017 and to see the date well. Once the event is over, the Administrator will review the players who have uploaded the photo and will publish the winner with their level and%.

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