Changes 28-06-2017

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Changes 28-06-2017

Mensaje por NewEra el Miér Jun 28, 2017 9:48 pm

- Edited the mascot of the house vip, since it killed everything and was a disadvantage for other races.
- Added 3 NPC's in RohanVillage.
- Added 1 NPC in SabukWall and another in SamakWall of the legendary necklaces.
- Added the legendary necklace in drop in GodShip by pieces.-
- Added 10 new level 9 boses in BasilicCave, XishaRuins, GodShip, AquaShip and Jungle.
- Added class change option in menu D.
- Added the option to purchase legendary necklaces.
- Changed master-student from level 50 to level 50.
- Changed the reward of the graduates of the students.

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